My 4 Little Boys

My 4 Little Boys
I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Phillipians 4:13

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nosy Facebook Friend

I've had an issue with a nosy FB friend this week. Damon had a friend of his (and mine) call him yesterday to ask if he reads my statuses. Damon has access at any time he wishes. I went back to the beginning of April to read my various statuses and had many friends comment that I had never put anything inappropriate or anything about my husband. Most of the comments from my friends stated things like "the meals I cook," "my job (which I love)," "my boys," or the various activities that we, as a family, are involved. It was such a "high school" thing...but it upset me to think that someone (a "friend") would try to stir up trouble with Damon and I.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My First Trail Ride

Well, yesterday we went to Lindsay for our very first trail ride. We are now members of the Indian Territory Roundup Club...yes, without owning a single horse. We went yesterday and manned the gate...made new friends...ate a great meal with those new friends. We left yesterday morning about 6:30 and returned home about 8:15 last night. Our friends, Rocky, Cindy, and Roger, came over last night and swam for awhile.
Today has been a busy day for us...Sunday School, Church, Falls Creek Sponsors' meeting, home for lunch (and I made 3 apricot cobblers), back to church tonight, then home to prepare for the week.
This week begins week 2 of 3 of the first section of ESY. I moved classrooms last Thursday to be with the students from the classroom I have been in since January. I'm looking forward to the week with these kiddos.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1st week of summer

Well, I've just about made it through the 1st week of ESY...going to be changing rooms tomorrow. We've picked apricots, I've made 1 batch of jam, I've cut up more bags of apricots, I've picked a mess of green beans from the garden along with some zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, onions, tomatoes, cabbage, and lettuce. Looks like we're gonna have a pretty good crop this year. The corn is tasseling...and we have baby ears on there already. We've been in the pool a few times this week...along with a snake we had to kill Saturday night...that's a little too scary!!

I'm ready for life to slow down a bit so we can enjoy the summer...hopefully we can get into a routine and things will get better...I feel so rushed every evening. Dinner, clean-up, and bed...not much time to just relax and spend time together.

Friday, June 4, 2010

We've got the boys...2 of them anyway!!

We are in Hondo, TX spending the night. We picked up Benjamin and Nathan today. Daniel has GeoForce Camp this summer and is not coming up to stay. We left last night (not as early as planned) and made it to Wichita Falls. We got up and on the road this morning about 8:30. They were excited to see us. I took some pics of the boys and Damon and the boys and I...Daniel is now taller than me. I will post pics soon!!
We are looking forward to a good summer...lots of fun to come!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

my last day of freedom....

I spent today (my last day of freedom...quiet house) scrapbooking for a friend of mine (it's a surprise). I wanted to finish it before leaving this weekend. I got all of the pics in there but just need to journal. I will go ahead and give it to her and journal later. I'm excited about it!!

Tomorrow is staff meeting for ESY and then either tomorrow evening or Friday morning we will be leaving to go get the other boys.

Still have a few things that need to get done before leaving. Steven will have a chore list tomorrow to help me get some of it done!! Speaking of Steven, he returned from Children's Camp this afternoon---exhausted...he's been sleeping since about 2:30...26 more days till we have Youth Camp!!

That's it for now!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

School's Out for the Summer

ok...i didn't do so well with this "everyday blog" school is out for the summer and today is my 1st day at home (alone)...Steven is gone to Children's Camp and won't be back til tomorrow and Damon is at work (of course)...i have an ESY (summer school) staff meeting on Thursday...and if Damon gets home early enough on Thursday we will leave to get the other boys otherwise we'll leave Friday morning!!

i'm excited about the boys being here...i start ESY next is for 3 weeks in June and 3 weeks in July 4 days a week (7:40-11:20)...Falls Creek Youth camp falls right between the 2 sessions...then family vacation to Beaver's Bend the last week of we have a busy summer ahead of us!!

stay tuned for pics throughout the summer...i'll try to do a better job now that i have a brand new laptop...a lot more convenient than my old computer...